Saturday, March 10, 2012

Out of The Box



We represent what beauty is all about in many colors, forms, languages and sizes. Beauty is a title that has been given to us as women from the beginning. When you think about something beautiful, most of the time you picture a beautiful landscape or...a woman!
Lately I've been thinking about beauty and boy, can we be insecure! And yes, I said WE. I’m including myself in this one. When I think of being insecure I picture a bank safety box because when we are insecure we put ourself inside of that box {IN- SECURE } thinking that we will feel better, safer and more secure there. The truth is we can really miss out on a lot in being there. There is so much more of ourselves that we haven’t discovered yet, so much more beauty to give this world. 
This is your time, this is your season 
to think and live outside of the box!!!!
I have chosen a few common looks, which I’m not saying that I don’t like these looks I just saying that they’re quite common, often seen, and I want to give you another options where you can take that look outside of the box!

Big and beautiful curls!
Curls are timeless but why not take it to the next level by simply adding volume!

Different style, same blonde color...
Highlights are the easiest way to be blonde without bleaching your entire hair. But this time try just highlighting your ends like Khloe Kardashian. I love this look it’s really easy to maintain and its really fashion forward.

Bang, bang!
You're used to having some hair in your face why not make your bangs thick and stylish? And get a professional to do it...PLEASE STOP CUTTING YOUR OWN BANGS!!!  For some crazy reason, we always end up MUCH higher than what we anticipated! Ha!

Adding to the pony...
If you are on the run, the pony tail is the best option! Next time take a few more seconds and add a prop, like a headband with some volume or a beautiful flower.

Have fun!!!!!
Let your life be full beauty 
With Love 
Dharma :)

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