Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ladies the results are IN! 

We'd like to congratulate our beautiful participants for the Red Bottoms Challenge!
May I say that I was impressed and proud of how wonderfully unique each outfit was. Take a look at our lovely contestants!


MUA!'s very own Makeup Guru- 

Janice Collazo

Pants: Wet Seal
Shirt: Ya
Blazer: Forever 21
Wedges: G by Guess

I adoreeee the Black and White blazer and the Wedges bring life to these red bottoms! It's a very daring move mixing the bold pattern of the jacket with the bold intensity of the red skinnies, but Janice executed it brilliantly! Both are TO DIE FOR needless to say!

Milly Nevarez

I particularly love Milly's use of the fedora, and the touch of fem with the flower accent on it! It brings character! The off the shoulder shirt accessorized with the statement belt bring a beautiful focus to Milly's shoulders and waist. You don't have to show cleavage to show a hint of skin! And her peep-toe booties are DIVINE!

Emille Hoffmann

Sunglasses: Juicy Couture
Scarf: Rikka - burgandy fur
Jacket: H&M Versace studded moto leather
Purse: Guess fur messenger
Jeans: Guess red power wash jeans
Shirt: Guess
Boots: Aldo Cowride Boots

Emille is what I would call a fashion dare-devil! From her warm adorable beanie, with fingerless gloves, to her gorgeous fur scarf and bag (both of which I'm in love with), she brings a wonderful power punch with this AMAZING jacket! Not only is she mixing both red and burgandy, but she's taking this outfit to new heights without compromising comfort and warmth. as Emille says:

"I am trying to warm up the winter, and bring a little warmth to central park"

Check Emille out here

That is what it's all about! Break out of the tradition cold and make Red Bottoms your own! I'm soo pleased and inspired by each of you beautiful ladies! Leave comments and tell us your favorite items from each outfit!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscars of Fab- Sheer Sparkle

The 2012 Oscar's has left us with countless beautiful inspirations undoubtedly, but we particularly loveeee this Zuhair Murad gown worn by the beautiful Jennifer Lopez. Its intricate glistening sheer in a diagonally striped pattern brings attention to accentuate her killer curves! We also adore the cut-out detail on the sleeves of the gown, giving her shoulders a peek-a-boo sass-appeal. This Puerto Rican diamond wow'd us  on the red carpet in this regal gown! 

That neckline may be a deeper plunge than any of us are willing to comfortably and modestly sashay in but how about that amazing glistening sheer diagonal pattern? Or those fabulous sleeve cut-outs?
We have been inspired by this nude gold aura and want to bring it to YOU!
Consider these options:

Detailed Bottoms:

From leggings to stocking to pants, now a days you can find bottoms with intricate beautiful designs. Whether embroidered, sequined, or stitched a statement piece such as these gorgeous leggings would look wonderful with a beautiful tunic and nude pumps! Show off those wonderful legs ladies and put the glimmer to strut- literally!

Glistening Dresses:

From an intricate sheer back detail, to a silver applique, to a sheer nude- These dresses exude the confidence of the delicate details! Remember, whenever wearing a sheer garment, especially a dress, beautiful lace slips can be found in all shapes and styles. Opt for one that fits the style of the dress and gives a nice coverage. I have found inexpensive ones even at target and walmart, but if you are feeling adventurous try a thrift store or vintage shop for a unique one! 

Another way to add that hint of sparkle to a dress with a sheer tone, is accessorize! A gorgeous statement necklace in crystal or silver, or a collection of brooches, or even a lace embellished sash are wonderful accents. This can be purchased at a fabric store relatively inexpensively! You can also while you are in there take a gander at the embroidered appliques, these can be added to a dress, or jacket, or shirt with a simple stitch or even iron on.

Last but certainly NOT least!


I personally ADOREEE the cut-out shoulder effect, its modest yet a hint of sensual and fun! This is also an excellent DIY opportunity (probably a future post)

What I love most about the cut-out sleeve is that no matter your personal opinions on your arms, personally I'd kill for thin muscular ones, you can pull it off without worrying about coverage! The frills on this soft cut-out add to the beautiful neckline. As you can see, she has paired it with a bright coral red pencil skirt, the glitter is all in the accessories! Check out that bold statement necklace, and the collection of watch and bracelets. Remember, this look is all about the sparkle and glam! A subtle way to gracefully wear those wonderful diamonds and jems that you have stashed away since prom! I urge you to give sequins a try in the daytime, or pull out those glistening chandelier earrings with a soft nude top!

The Presence of a Jewel
In admiring all of these gorgeous gowns, all of the splendor of the cameras flashing, and the rosy cheeks that adorn the pearly whites of these appraised women, I found myself reflecting back to the red carpet of my life. Those moments in which I felt that, if even for a few nano-seconds, all eyes were on me. My quinceanera for example, I felt like a princess in my beautiful gown and crown, or my prom night, or even my college graduation. Those days were all about me. Then I realized, those weren't the only times in life that all eyes have been on me. Every day, every single day, there is someone whose life we impact by just our mere presence. It is not intentional nor is it always noticed, but as women we command attention. I was once approached by a friend of mines, he shared with me his impression of me, his humbling words were as follows:

"You know what I call you? I secretly call you 'La Luz.' Its all I ever think of when I see you, whenever you walk into a room, you don't need to say a thing but you stand out. When you smile, you make others smile. When you speak, your words are always comforting. There is this radiant aura about you, and its evident that it's not intentional but that is precisely what makes it all the more beautiful. It is genuine- you are beautiful from the outside yes, but it's your inner beauty that attracts people to you"

I was floored, being one that is very shy when it comes to compliments, I could not find the correct words to thank him. It seemed as though after that confession, nothing I could say felt just right. I understood that his reflection was coming at a pinnacle point. Unbeknownst to him, I had been praying earlier that day, and asking God why did I feel invisible? I was more than humbled to tears as I walked away from that conversation. I understood it was God responding to my prayer- always on time. See it is not what we do, it is God in us that brings that radiance. No matter how much glam we wear, or how splendid our outfit is, it is our beauty given to us by God that refracts to the rest of the world. We are jewels in his eyes, it's our presence which causes the red carpet of life to create an occasion for us to be radiant in every situation. 

"When they see the purity and reverence of your lives. your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight. For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful"

1 Peter 3: 2-5


Oscars of Fab- Mint Condition

Here at MUA! We are in LOVE with the soft seagreen palette of Maria Menounos chiffon cascading gown by Maria Lucia Hoha! Its beautiful cinched waist and sweetheart neckline are feminine, soft, and sweet! The gentle pleating of the chiffon in a diagonal pattern allow for a slimming hourglass silhoutte. 

How exactly do I suggest you turn to green of envy into an outfit of your own zeal?
How's this for a bit of inspiration?

The elegance of this gown does not need to be stripped of its vibrancy in day to day comfort! How about pairing a beautiful maxi with some metallic tones? Flats, oxfords, or loafers? A beautiful trench or peacoat layerd on top in a cool neutral- tan or gray are excellent! And for a touch of flair... one of my personal favorite accents to an outfit... a bit of fur on top! We love this mink cap, it adds a vintage detail and surprise.

How about taking up the hem a little?

Maybe you are looking for a more subtle delicate hint of mint? We recommend a beautiful A-line dress, in this case we've paired it with a striped trench to bring some drama, but the pattern and jacket options are truly limitless. Beautiful 1920's stringed pearls are the perfect hint of soft sparkle without competing with the metalic luster of the shoe candy! Similar styles on these oxfords can be found at Zara, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe. Also, for trends on the fur top I strongly recommend H&M!

With an Oscar winning hint of glam... we are sure you are to be in Mint Condition for this incoming spring season! This outfit provides the perfect transition from that winter drab to spring time fab in no time! Just because it's still a bit windy out does not in anyway detain you from falling in love and donning the wonderful hues for this season! 


Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars of Fab- Velvet

Laaaaaaddddddies! It's that time of the year again, award shows are upon us and as we cozy up in front of the television to admire the elegance before us, if you are anything like me, you will begin to fantasize yourself in the perfect gown at the perfect occassion! Oh what I'd give for a chance on that red carpet, to be famous just for these occasions? To get all dolled up from head to toe?! Of course slim are these occassions but that does not preclude us from taking hints from these gorgeous women for our own closets! We may not have a a red carpet and papparazzi but every day IS a runway opportunity and fear not because I am here to show you how to take the Oscar's fashion from one night glam to everyday fab!

Mua! Has its favorites on hand and how you can take these inspirations and make them your own!

Velvet! Ohh how we do adore Angelina's bold and elegant gown in a caressing black velvet by Atalier Versace. Let us be honest, most of you would have never considered velvet a prime option of choice, probably eerily reminding you of some 90's faux-paux! Wellllllllll.... velvet is indeed an excellent elegant option! Although you may not see yourself in a black velvet gown... how about a velvet blazer, skirt, pant, or even cocktail dress?

Yes, I said it! VELVET is IT! From NY to London to Milan... Velvet has been ALL OVER the fall 2012 fashion runways!

The Velvet Skirt:

In a deep burgandy or bright pink, its a wonderful day to night wear! Pair with a patterened button up or a chambray top, also would look lovely with a stripped shirt or wonderful knee highs! Pair with either high heels or ankle booties and you are ready for any occasion- either a day at the mall or a date on the town!

The Velvet Dress:

Every girl should own a LVD... Little Velvet Dress. Whether its in a navy or a maroon, an LVD will be sure to put every other dress to shame! They come in all styles fit for all body types. Whether its with embroidered detailing, a burn out velvet pattern, or even a composite of different shades of velvet to make a wonderful textured silhoutte, a hint of velvet will bring life to a jean jacket, or a black satin blazer, or those fancy ballet slippers you got for christmas! Pair with beautiful pearls!

The Velvet Top:

From button up to corset, velvet tops are a must-have! I adoreee the irridescent button up, a hint of raspberry and teal!? Imagine pairing that with a wonderful high-waisted wax slim cut black denim and a gorgeous black platformed boot? Or the black velvet corset on this 2012 fall runway, paired with a leather pencil skirt?! Throw a glistening cardigan in a bright fuschia or soft yellow and it is a perfect outfit for an office party!

The Velvet Blazer:

Possibly my favorite item yet! The Velvet Blazer is soo versatile! Whether its boyfriend cut, cropped, or a feminine two button with a ribbon- this blazer bring an outfit from plain to jazzy in nano-seconds! I love the quality of the boyfriend blazer paired with a dainty skirt, or longer pencil dress for work? How about the cropped blazer with dress pants, a feminine floral blous underneath for pattern and depth? You can even pair the velvet blazer with a nice boyfriend jean, pegg-legged and some wedges for comfort and height!

The Velvet Shoe:

From stilettos to wedges to slipper flats- Velvet is making an appearance on feet everywhere! I absolutely adoreee the velvet slippers most I must admit, they are comfortable and quick! Find affordable options in all colors at charlotte russe! They can make a pleated skirt or a pair of skinnies Oscar's fab with out the hassle of discomfort! School? Movies? Church? Velvet has got the elegant touch you need!

Velvet- its soft and luxurious grandeur is surely fit for a princess! And that princess can be YOU! Find a way that works for your personal taste, from shoes, to bowties, or purses? How about a velvet burn out scarf? The possibilities are endless to this Oscar's glam! Velvet is not just a trend of the past, or for old men in country clubs, Velvet is for the beautiful and elgant and that my lovelies... is YOU!


Friday, February 24, 2012


Congrats! To our special "Share the Love" contest winner! 
We hope you enjoy it! We love you! 
And THANK YOU for sharing the LOVE!
-MUA! Janice, Judie, Dharma, Minnny!

Say Hello! To Spring Time Nails!

So, today I was at Sephora picking up some things and I came across these insanely cute nail "thingys" and I just had to post it on the blog! I also came across this seasons nail polish colors! Yay! Hope you enjoy!!!

 Aren't this absolutely adorable? As I am a super huge fan of both Kitty and Paris I find these nail filers to be absolutely purrrrfect! Only $10 too! Ahhhh! I adore them!

 This was also way too cute for me to leave out too! Hello Kitty nail clippers! The cutest! $8

And of course! The nail polish! If you haven't seen these guys, get to your local Sephora today! They are all in the shape of Hello Kitty! Bow and all! $10

Check out the fabulous SPRING COLORS!

Aren't they great?! My personal favorite? BLUEBERRY! It is stunning and long lasting! Oh man! I love these polishes! There are two colors missing from the trend and that is a coral color and grey! But don't worry! We've got you covered with these great polishes from Illimasqua!

Purity-Coral/Pink $15

DWS- Grey $15

*Judie* MUA!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Give Your Hair a Vacation!

After all this activity give your hair a break!!!! Your hair needs to rest too, if not it will be grumpy and have a bad attitude for a few days. This is stuff that i personally do on my day off that works really well for my hair. Like many of you hard working women a day off is still quite busy so these tips are quick and easy and only take a few minutes. Try them and let me know how it goes :) 

1-I wash my hair twice with shampoo and leave in the conditioner an extra 30 minutes (with a shower cap) as i clean my house.

2-I like to give my hair and scalp vacations from the heat of the blow-dryer and flat irons so after washing out the conditioner i put leave-in conditioner in my hair and take velcro rollers and put them in after i’m done cleaning for my next task, putting all my accounts in order and sending out e-mails. My hair is thin so it will dry in a couple of hours but if you have thick hair i recommend to put small sections of hair on the rollers. Since you are not using heat or a dryer your hair may take a long time to dry but if you aren’t going out why not try it? :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

You can shine without glitter

As a prep before your red carpet event i want to present to you a great product that will make your hair look shiny and beautiful. It’s a product that will have to be applied by a professional but it will not take you long while at the salon. Be careful with the paparazzi!!!!!!!!

Demi-permanent Translucent Hydrating Color
Pm shines are Award-winning hair colors that guarantee radiant, head-turning results.
this ammonia-free formula hydrates hair and provides a smoother, healthier surface.
Also the UV absorbers help reduce environmental damage and keep color 
from fading. Pm shines can also be clear so that way you can use it as a treatment and not only as a color deposit. What else can you ask for!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Be ready for the show!

I can say with certainty that to maintain a look is 25% work in the salon and 75% work at home. In the salon the work is to change the look and you gain the knowledge so you can maintain it at home using the right tools until your next appointment. 
This is a hair stylist secret shhhhhh!!! If you invest in products that help to keep your color and hair healthy, you don’t have to spend so much money in the salon trying to fix it. 
I LOVE red carpets moments. i always get inspired with new trends, new looks and i’m also entertained by styles that we can call “not wearable.” :) we most likely do not participate in so many red carpet events a year like all the famous artists but that doesn’t mean we can’t have as many looks as they do. The reality is that they don’t wake up as beautiful as they look in magazines, many of them have a team of stylists and make up artists behind them working their image. That’s why i’m willing to share their secrets.
The tricks of any look are the styling products!!! You cannot think about buying products, you have to think about how much your going to invest in products. Just like skin, hair needs nutrients to stay healthy, that is why we must treat it with love, not just with your shampoo and conditioner but with styling products as well. Yes, your styling products can help your hair stay healthy. I chose these styles because these are looks that we can wear daily. Who said we can’t have a big red carpet show everyday?!!!

Extra-Body Daily Boost
This product works really well for people with really straight and fine hair. it gives hair a boost of volume beginning at the roots.This is a great product to create volume and make it last all day long. Its perfect for this type of up-do. (Important note: just spray this product at the roots of you hair, if you spray it all over you will not be able to manage your hair easily)

Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray
If it’s easier for you to create volume with your hair this is a good product to use. it provides all-day hold and maximum volume. It also adds high shine, fullness and texture. it fights frizz in any climate and protects hair from sun damage

Sculpting Foam
I love this product!!!!! it’s a foam with a conditioner base, it works great with natural curls, styling with rollers or drying hair with natural volume. it enhances texture with long-lasting memory, controls frizz, adds shine and balances moisture. 

Worked Up
Hair stylists use this product a lot. The main purpose of this hair spray is to create your up-do without making it to hard and it also provides long-lasting, flexible hold. This boosts shine, reduces static and it dries quickly with a clean, no-product feel. 

Soft Spray
This product is perfect for perfect natural looks. This secures strands with a natural, touchable finish. It also creates a barrier for the hair against damaging UV rays. And it reactivates with heat or water for easy restyling with an easy to brush formula.

This product is my personal secret weapon for creating clean and beautiful braids. It creates clean, moveable texture, has a bendable formula which allows for easy restyling.


Soft Sculpting Spray Gel
Using lots of gel to create a pony tail is a NO NO!! but to still have that clean shine and firm up-do you need to have this product. This product will boost body and it provides flexible control while still adding incredible shine and reflection.


Round Trip
Have you lost your natural curls??? with this product your curls will be back in no time. This product adds weightless bounce and detail to curls and waves, it conditions and protects textured tresses and also reduces drying time to get you on your way faster.
The Shine
I love shiny natural curls, thats why for this look i recommend this product. Just spray a little bit of it on your curls and your hair will be perfectly smooth and shiny.

These products will make your life way easier and your looks will be far more fashionable. Invest in you. 

Thought Box:
“If you try, you will find it impossible to do one great thing. You can only do many small things with great love.” 
                                                                                                                                      -Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa, what a wise loving woman, now a lot of people know her because of the great things that she did in Calcutta. But back then, a lot of people in Calcutta, India knew her because of the constant little things that she did for them with a lot of Love. For sure that’s what really mattered to her. She woke up daily with one goal: heal the broken heart, give hope to the hopeless and love without measure just like Jesus did. Today, her daily hard work and passion make her one of the most honorable women in history. 
I always dreamed of the day that I’d do something great in life, i think we all have that dream. But arriving at that great moment it wasn’t what i had expected. I’ve noticed that great things come and go quickly and maybe i was expecting more but in the end it was just a good moment. But what really changed me and made the hard work worth it was, in fact, the little moments. The little details that i wish i hadn’t underestimated. At some point that’s how i was seeing God, in the big things, but now i realize how detailed He is on a daily basis. 
Picture this in your mind with me for a moment: a day when everybody stops their busy day and care’s about someone else’s life. Imagine that on everybody’s to do list they have a note to remind them that says something like “invest a little bit of time in other people’s story and dreams.” but people aren’t just giving that they are also receiving from others as well. It sounds like a dream but it doesn’t have to be, change can begin with you and me TODAY. Let’s make a new note in our to do list, little moments will make a life greater. 
Let your life be full of beauty, 
with Love;