Friday, February 17, 2012

Olive You!

From the moment that I have any sort of recollection of anything, Olive Oil has been an essencial part of my life. The best part is that it is almost always in the kitchen! Little did I know that I would discover a little more that what I had thought E.V.O.O. could be used for. Just last November I was visiting my mom in Tampa and I ran out of moisturizer. My skin was getting super flaky and I was starting to freak out. That day I was making dinner and I noticed the giant bottle of olive oil. I decided to give it a try as a moisturizer and to my surprise it worked...and worked really really well. So my dear friends, I did a little research! And I found multiple benefits to E.V.O.O.!

SKIN- This amazing oil contains tons of Vitamins A & E! That means that it helps repair skin damage cause by the sun, air pollustion, cigarette smoke, and fast food. 
You can use it for your body or for your face! It is non comedogenic (won't clog pores) and hypoallergenic! Just apply on damp skin! I apply it right after the shower and gently dab of the excess with the towel. Some people mix it with lemon juice which give the skin a nice invigrating feeling. The lemon juice will also act as a natural brightener!

Need a scrub? Mix the oil with sea salt, rub for about 30 seconds, rinse off...and voila! You has just scrubbed and moisturized!

You can use it as a way to relax in the bath! Mix it with lavender oil and you have a great way to relieve some stress!

Out of makeup remover? guessed it! Grab a cotton ball, drizzle some of that oil, and wipe away! It removes EVERYTHING! Even water proof makeup! AND it acts as a moisturizer for your eyes! Oh yes...and it relaxes the wrinkles too! 

*Now keep in mind. It may take a little longer to absorb (depending on the amount that you apply) because it is a thick oil. Be sure to start off with tiny dabs and then increase till you are satisfied. do we know that this will really work? Check it out....

This is Sophia Loren. In the first photo she is 25 years old...and in the second she is 75!!! Enough said! Hahaha! She says she has never had plastic surgery on her face and I believe her! You can always tell how old a person is by the wrinkles on her neck and she is as smooth as she was when she was 25.

Now this is Brigette Bardot. In the first photo she is 75 and in the second, she is 25. According to the biographies written about her, they say she was always addicted to two things... Cigarettes and the tanning. Here we see the major diference it makes in taking good care of your self.
This isn't to say that everyone's skin reacts the same, however we really have nothing to lose in at least trying!

Needless to say, I started my Olive Oil regimen this week! Haha! Give it a try!

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