Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscars of Fab- Sheer Sparkle

The 2012 Oscar's has left us with countless beautiful inspirations undoubtedly, but we particularly loveeee this Zuhair Murad gown worn by the beautiful Jennifer Lopez. Its intricate glistening sheer in a diagonally striped pattern brings attention to accentuate her killer curves! We also adore the cut-out detail on the sleeves of the gown, giving her shoulders a peek-a-boo sass-appeal. This Puerto Rican diamond wow'd us  on the red carpet in this regal gown! 

That neckline may be a deeper plunge than any of us are willing to comfortably and modestly sashay in but how about that amazing glistening sheer diagonal pattern? Or those fabulous sleeve cut-outs?
We have been inspired by this nude gold aura and want to bring it to YOU!
Consider these options:

Detailed Bottoms:

From leggings to stocking to pants, now a days you can find bottoms with intricate beautiful designs. Whether embroidered, sequined, or stitched a statement piece such as these gorgeous leggings would look wonderful with a beautiful tunic and nude pumps! Show off those wonderful legs ladies and put the glimmer to strut- literally!

Glistening Dresses:

From an intricate sheer back detail, to a silver applique, to a sheer nude- These dresses exude the confidence of the delicate details! Remember, whenever wearing a sheer garment, especially a dress, beautiful lace slips can be found in all shapes and styles. Opt for one that fits the style of the dress and gives a nice coverage. I have found inexpensive ones even at target and walmart, but if you are feeling adventurous try a thrift store or vintage shop for a unique one! 

Another way to add that hint of sparkle to a dress with a sheer tone, is accessorize! A gorgeous statement necklace in crystal or silver, or a collection of brooches, or even a lace embellished sash are wonderful accents. This can be purchased at a fabric store relatively inexpensively! You can also while you are in there take a gander at the embroidered appliques, these can be added to a dress, or jacket, or shirt with a simple stitch or even iron on.

Last but certainly NOT least!


I personally ADOREEE the cut-out shoulder effect, its modest yet a hint of sensual and fun! This is also an excellent DIY opportunity (probably a future post)

What I love most about the cut-out sleeve is that no matter your personal opinions on your arms, personally I'd kill for thin muscular ones, you can pull it off without worrying about coverage! The frills on this soft cut-out add to the beautiful neckline. As you can see, she has paired it with a bright coral red pencil skirt, the glitter is all in the accessories! Check out that bold statement necklace, and the collection of watch and bracelets. Remember, this look is all about the sparkle and glam! A subtle way to gracefully wear those wonderful diamonds and jems that you have stashed away since prom! I urge you to give sequins a try in the daytime, or pull out those glistening chandelier earrings with a soft nude top!

The Presence of a Jewel
In admiring all of these gorgeous gowns, all of the splendor of the cameras flashing, and the rosy cheeks that adorn the pearly whites of these appraised women, I found myself reflecting back to the red carpet of my life. Those moments in which I felt that, if even for a few nano-seconds, all eyes were on me. My quinceanera for example, I felt like a princess in my beautiful gown and crown, or my prom night, or even my college graduation. Those days were all about me. Then I realized, those weren't the only times in life that all eyes have been on me. Every day, every single day, there is someone whose life we impact by just our mere presence. It is not intentional nor is it always noticed, but as women we command attention. I was once approached by a friend of mines, he shared with me his impression of me, his humbling words were as follows:

"You know what I call you? I secretly call you 'La Luz.' Its all I ever think of when I see you, whenever you walk into a room, you don't need to say a thing but you stand out. When you smile, you make others smile. When you speak, your words are always comforting. There is this radiant aura about you, and its evident that it's not intentional but that is precisely what makes it all the more beautiful. It is genuine- you are beautiful from the outside yes, but it's your inner beauty that attracts people to you"

I was floored, being one that is very shy when it comes to compliments, I could not find the correct words to thank him. It seemed as though after that confession, nothing I could say felt just right. I understood that his reflection was coming at a pinnacle point. Unbeknownst to him, I had been praying earlier that day, and asking God why did I feel invisible? I was more than humbled to tears as I walked away from that conversation. I understood it was God responding to my prayer- always on time. See it is not what we do, it is God in us that brings that radiance. No matter how much glam we wear, or how splendid our outfit is, it is our beauty given to us by God that refracts to the rest of the world. We are jewels in his eyes, it's our presence which causes the red carpet of life to create an occasion for us to be radiant in every situation. 

"When they see the purity and reverence of your lives. your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight. For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful"

1 Peter 3: 2-5


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