Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscars of Fab- Mint Condition

Here at MUA! We are in LOVE with the soft seagreen palette of Maria Menounos chiffon cascading gown by Maria Lucia Hoha! Its beautiful cinched waist and sweetheart neckline are feminine, soft, and sweet! The gentle pleating of the chiffon in a diagonal pattern allow for a slimming hourglass silhoutte. 

How exactly do I suggest you turn to green of envy into an outfit of your own zeal?
How's this for a bit of inspiration?

The elegance of this gown does not need to be stripped of its vibrancy in day to day comfort! How about pairing a beautiful maxi with some metallic tones? Flats, oxfords, or loafers? A beautiful trench or peacoat layerd on top in a cool neutral- tan or gray are excellent! And for a touch of flair... one of my personal favorite accents to an outfit... a bit of fur on top! We love this mink cap, it adds a vintage detail and surprise.

How about taking up the hem a little?

Maybe you are looking for a more subtle delicate hint of mint? We recommend a beautiful A-line dress, in this case we've paired it with a striped trench to bring some drama, but the pattern and jacket options are truly limitless. Beautiful 1920's stringed pearls are the perfect hint of soft sparkle without competing with the metalic luster of the shoe candy! Similar styles on these oxfords can be found at Zara, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe. Also, for trends on the fur top I strongly recommend H&M!

With an Oscar winning hint of glam... we are sure you are to be in Mint Condition for this incoming spring season! This outfit provides the perfect transition from that winter drab to spring time fab in no time! Just because it's still a bit windy out does not in anyway detain you from falling in love and donning the wonderful hues for this season! 


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