Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Janice - Makeup 

My makeup journey began as a kid! My dad is an artist so he's always had paint lying around the house. I would often paint all sorts of beautiful things but my favorites were sunsets (due to all the colors that I could use). With that, I would constantly steal my mom and sisters make up and as you can imagine, that never ended well! Haha! I would observe my sister and her application skills never knowing that one day, it would be my future and passion. My very first makeup job was at Glamour Shots (photography studio). I went in there looking for a job as a receptionist and walked outta there a makeup artist! I had NO CLUE what I was doing! I learned pretty quickly and a year later I found myself doing makeup on all of my friends and family members. After moving to Puerto Rico, I had the incredible privilege and honor to snag a job at Sephora. There I was surrounded with some of the most talented people I know. I soaked up all that I could and I am ever grateful for that insanely beautiful experience and education. It was there also that I discovered my love for the female heart. I would get client after client sitting in my chair with tears and sorrow. I wanted to help them heal, to tell them of a love beyond their wildest dreams, but the environment did not provide for the moment. I decided to make a bold move. I quit my job and began my very own business...MUA! Make Up University.  I get to go around the US/Puerto Rico teaching makeup and healing by speaking to the many broken hearts! I have had some of the most life changing experiences and I can't wait to have them together with all of you! May you find the answers to all your beauty/fashion questions but most of all...for your heart! XoXo! 

Dharma Alexandra - Hair 

“Ugly people don’t exist, just people with lack of knowledge,” that is my personal philosophy in my line of work. The fact that I have the opportunity to enhance someone’s beauty is life changing! I am amazed to find that there is so much of ourselves that hasn’t been discovered. A friend asked me once why I liked to do hair and only after two seconds in silence I had this picture in my heart about how what I do doesn’t feel like work. It’s more like a form of expression. I don’t have limits and what little rules there are they can be challenged with creativity. Everything changes, everything improves, it’s always growing; I just love it!
 In 2003 I began my journey at Rogis School in Puerto Rico where I took my first steps as a cosmetologist and I thank God there is no proof of my first jobs as they were somewhat...abstract. From the very beginning of my career I’ve had the opportunity to work with great stylists from whom I've learned to see hair as a canvas in white ready to be painted. Even before day one,  beauty existed in the nature of God. That is why as humans we can't create beauty, but we can elevate it! 

Let your life be full of beauty.
Love, Dharma

Judie - Nails

My name is Judie Vasquez (saying with Newly-Wed glow) and I will be giving my little insights on having your very own nail style . Now who am I to teach anyone on Nail glam?  Well,  I was once a girl that was lost in the ways of nail glam until the day I found my love for "NAILS WITH PERSONALITY".  I will take you through my personal life in discovering new polishes, new designs and nail treatments too. But before then, let me let you in on what my life is about just so you can feel more comfortable on who your Nail Glam insider is.  I am a Newly-Wed stay at home wife and loving it. I recently moved to Fresno,CA from Tampa,FL but born and raised in the best city in the states, San Diego,CA  . I have a passion in design and creating my own DIY items. So when it comes to nails,  I feel like a little girl when I see someone with beautiful nail polish . I see nail design as an avenue that you can express yourself. As I share my life with you I too would love for you to share your lives with me! Let me know new and amazing finds you find in your cities! So with this being said let the Nail glamming begin! Nail Polish Love, Judie

Minny Pereira- Fashion

Hello Beautiful Ladies! I am the fashion writer for MUA MakeUp University. At 23 years old, I am a graduate from the University of South Florida with a B.A. in Social Culture and Media Communications and a minor in Women, Sexuality and Gender Studies. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Divinity, which is a huge blessing to my life! I am excited to share this venture and share my love for fashion, beauty, life, love, and God. I am an artistic soul who thrives on making music and art. I likewise share in the love for writing, social activism, thrift shopping, and traveling. My mission in life is to empower women and to change the world. I believe that laughter is the key to the soul and confidence is the map to conquer life. It hasn't been a perfect path, but I am more than blessed to say that God has made a perfect way and it has led me to you all. It's going to be a wonderful journey! Love you all! Minny <3