Friday, February 24, 2012

Say Hello! To Spring Time Nails!

So, today I was at Sephora picking up some things and I came across these insanely cute nail "thingys" and I just had to post it on the blog! I also came across this seasons nail polish colors! Yay! Hope you enjoy!!!

 Aren't this absolutely adorable? As I am a super huge fan of both Kitty and Paris I find these nail filers to be absolutely purrrrfect! Only $10 too! Ahhhh! I adore them!

 This was also way too cute for me to leave out too! Hello Kitty nail clippers! The cutest! $8

And of course! The nail polish! If you haven't seen these guys, get to your local Sephora today! They are all in the shape of Hello Kitty! Bow and all! $10

Check out the fabulous SPRING COLORS!

Aren't they great?! My personal favorite? BLUEBERRY! It is stunning and long lasting! Oh man! I love these polishes! There are two colors missing from the trend and that is a coral color and grey! But don't worry! We've got you covered with these great polishes from Illimasqua!

Purity-Coral/Pink $15

DWS- Grey $15

*Judie* MUA!

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