Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars of Fab- Velvet

Laaaaaaddddddies! It's that time of the year again, award shows are upon us and as we cozy up in front of the television to admire the elegance before us, if you are anything like me, you will begin to fantasize yourself in the perfect gown at the perfect occassion! Oh what I'd give for a chance on that red carpet, to be famous just for these occasions? To get all dolled up from head to toe?! Of course slim are these occassions but that does not preclude us from taking hints from these gorgeous women for our own closets! We may not have a a red carpet and papparazzi but every day IS a runway opportunity and fear not because I am here to show you how to take the Oscar's fashion from one night glam to everyday fab!

Mua! Has its favorites on hand and how you can take these inspirations and make them your own!

Velvet! Ohh how we do adore Angelina's bold and elegant gown in a caressing black velvet by Atalier Versace. Let us be honest, most of you would have never considered velvet a prime option of choice, probably eerily reminding you of some 90's faux-paux! Wellllllllll.... velvet is indeed an excellent elegant option! Although you may not see yourself in a black velvet gown... how about a velvet blazer, skirt, pant, or even cocktail dress?

Yes, I said it! VELVET is IT! From NY to London to Milan... Velvet has been ALL OVER the fall 2012 fashion runways!

The Velvet Skirt:

In a deep burgandy or bright pink, its a wonderful day to night wear! Pair with a patterened button up or a chambray top, also would look lovely with a stripped shirt or wonderful knee highs! Pair with either high heels or ankle booties and you are ready for any occasion- either a day at the mall or a date on the town!

The Velvet Dress:

Every girl should own a LVD... Little Velvet Dress. Whether its in a navy or a maroon, an LVD will be sure to put every other dress to shame! They come in all styles fit for all body types. Whether its with embroidered detailing, a burn out velvet pattern, or even a composite of different shades of velvet to make a wonderful textured silhoutte, a hint of velvet will bring life to a jean jacket, or a black satin blazer, or those fancy ballet slippers you got for christmas! Pair with beautiful pearls!

The Velvet Top:

From button up to corset, velvet tops are a must-have! I adoreee the irridescent button up, a hint of raspberry and teal!? Imagine pairing that with a wonderful high-waisted wax slim cut black denim and a gorgeous black platformed boot? Or the black velvet corset on this 2012 fall runway, paired with a leather pencil skirt?! Throw a glistening cardigan in a bright fuschia or soft yellow and it is a perfect outfit for an office party!

The Velvet Blazer:

Possibly my favorite item yet! The Velvet Blazer is soo versatile! Whether its boyfriend cut, cropped, or a feminine two button with a ribbon- this blazer bring an outfit from plain to jazzy in nano-seconds! I love the quality of the boyfriend blazer paired with a dainty skirt, or longer pencil dress for work? How about the cropped blazer with dress pants, a feminine floral blous underneath for pattern and depth? You can even pair the velvet blazer with a nice boyfriend jean, pegg-legged and some wedges for comfort and height!

The Velvet Shoe:

From stilettos to wedges to slipper flats- Velvet is making an appearance on feet everywhere! I absolutely adoreee the velvet slippers most I must admit, they are comfortable and quick! Find affordable options in all colors at charlotte russe! They can make a pleated skirt or a pair of skinnies Oscar's fab with out the hassle of discomfort! School? Movies? Church? Velvet has got the elegant touch you need!

Velvet- its soft and luxurious grandeur is surely fit for a princess! And that princess can be YOU! Find a way that works for your personal taste, from shoes, to bowties, or purses? How about a velvet burn out scarf? The possibilities are endless to this Oscar's glam! Velvet is not just a trend of the past, or for old men in country clubs, Velvet is for the beautiful and elgant and that my lovelies... is YOU!


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