Sunday, February 19, 2012

Be ready for the show!

I can say with certainty that to maintain a look is 25% work in the salon and 75% work at home. In the salon the work is to change the look and you gain the knowledge so you can maintain it at home using the right tools until your next appointment. 
This is a hair stylist secret shhhhhh!!! If you invest in products that help to keep your color and hair healthy, you don’t have to spend so much money in the salon trying to fix it. 
I LOVE red carpets moments. i always get inspired with new trends, new looks and i’m also entertained by styles that we can call “not wearable.” :) we most likely do not participate in so many red carpet events a year like all the famous artists but that doesn’t mean we can’t have as many looks as they do. The reality is that they don’t wake up as beautiful as they look in magazines, many of them have a team of stylists and make up artists behind them working their image. That’s why i’m willing to share their secrets.
The tricks of any look are the styling products!!! You cannot think about buying products, you have to think about how much your going to invest in products. Just like skin, hair needs nutrients to stay healthy, that is why we must treat it with love, not just with your shampoo and conditioner but with styling products as well. Yes, your styling products can help your hair stay healthy. I chose these styles because these are looks that we can wear daily. Who said we can’t have a big red carpet show everyday?!!!

Extra-Body Daily Boost
This product works really well for people with really straight and fine hair. it gives hair a boost of volume beginning at the roots.This is a great product to create volume and make it last all day long. Its perfect for this type of up-do. (Important note: just spray this product at the roots of you hair, if you spray it all over you will not be able to manage your hair easily)

Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray
If it’s easier for you to create volume with your hair this is a good product to use. it provides all-day hold and maximum volume. It also adds high shine, fullness and texture. it fights frizz in any climate and protects hair from sun damage

Sculpting Foam
I love this product!!!!! it’s a foam with a conditioner base, it works great with natural curls, styling with rollers or drying hair with natural volume. it enhances texture with long-lasting memory, controls frizz, adds shine and balances moisture. 

Worked Up
Hair stylists use this product a lot. The main purpose of this hair spray is to create your up-do without making it to hard and it also provides long-lasting, flexible hold. This boosts shine, reduces static and it dries quickly with a clean, no-product feel. 

Soft Spray
This product is perfect for perfect natural looks. This secures strands with a natural, touchable finish. It also creates a barrier for the hair against damaging UV rays. And it reactivates with heat or water for easy restyling with an easy to brush formula.

This product is my personal secret weapon for creating clean and beautiful braids. It creates clean, moveable texture, has a bendable formula which allows for easy restyling.


Soft Sculpting Spray Gel
Using lots of gel to create a pony tail is a NO NO!! but to still have that clean shine and firm up-do you need to have this product. This product will boost body and it provides flexible control while still adding incredible shine and reflection.


Round Trip
Have you lost your natural curls??? with this product your curls will be back in no time. This product adds weightless bounce and detail to curls and waves, it conditions and protects textured tresses and also reduces drying time to get you on your way faster.
The Shine
I love shiny natural curls, thats why for this look i recommend this product. Just spray a little bit of it on your curls and your hair will be perfectly smooth and shiny.

These products will make your life way easier and your looks will be far more fashionable. Invest in you. 

Thought Box:
“If you try, you will find it impossible to do one great thing. You can only do many small things with great love.” 
                                                                                                                                      -Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa, what a wise loving woman, now a lot of people know her because of the great things that she did in Calcutta. But back then, a lot of people in Calcutta, India knew her because of the constant little things that she did for them with a lot of Love. For sure that’s what really mattered to her. She woke up daily with one goal: heal the broken heart, give hope to the hopeless and love without measure just like Jesus did. Today, her daily hard work and passion make her one of the most honorable women in history. 
I always dreamed of the day that I’d do something great in life, i think we all have that dream. But arriving at that great moment it wasn’t what i had expected. I’ve noticed that great things come and go quickly and maybe i was expecting more but in the end it was just a good moment. But what really changed me and made the hard work worth it was, in fact, the little moments. The little details that i wish i hadn’t underestimated. At some point that’s how i was seeing God, in the big things, but now i realize how detailed He is on a daily basis. 
Picture this in your mind with me for a moment: a day when everybody stops their busy day and care’s about someone else’s life. Imagine that on everybody’s to do list they have a note to remind them that says something like “invest a little bit of time in other people’s story and dreams.” but people aren’t just giving that they are also receiving from others as well. It sounds like a dream but it doesn’t have to be, change can begin with you and me TODAY. Let’s make a new note in our to do list, little moments will make a life greater. 
Let your life be full of beauty, 
with Love;

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