Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Gift of LOVE

Say bye-bye to running out in rollers, to those pony-tails and dry split ends, take time to show yourself what Love really means. 
Try something new for this new season of LOVE in your life, here are some new trends that you can try that are easy to maintain and that can also be very diverse. Don't be scared, take a chance! Your hair can always grow back. ;)

Short, for a long day!!
If your day is crazy busy this is the hair cut for you. This cut is really easy to maintain and it also brings a fresh, modern yet classic style to your day. 

Medium and growing
Many people don't like medium length styles, but we all pass through it when we let our hair grow out, so why not have fun with it!!!!! i love this hair cut because you can wear it straight or curly and you always look ready.

Long hair, same story
If you love your long hair but really want to make a change this can be the style for you. Take risks!! you never go wrong when you try something new. This hair cut is very trendy and it’s a perfect match with any style. I love it!!!!

 Thought Box:

Love your neighbor as well as you do yourself." God gave us this commandment over two thousand years ago. We have read and taught this and also at some point in our life we have tried to apply it. We have been created by LOVE and through LOVE we keep existing.
But I want you to think about this, what if the measure of love that we are using to LOVE our neighbor is running empty just because the LOVE that we have for our self is poor??? 

Love has more power than we can imagine. Love heals a broken heart, it transforms a bad day into one that's joyful, it dries tears and brings on a smile. Love forgives, it advises, love is to be enjoyed. Love has the power to change this world through you and me. Take out that measure of love that you have and get a better, newer, bigger dose. What better time than the month of love to do so? Believe me, your neighbors will appreciate it.

Today is the day that something is going to change starting with you!!! :)
 I challenge you to LOVE bigger and better, starting with yourself. 

Let your life be full of beauty!!!
with LOVE;