Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hints of Val

As Valentine's Day quickly rolls around, we are bombarded with isles upon commercials upon movies of what the ideal day of LOVE should look and feel like.  Hearts and arrows are thrown our way, teddy bears loom their big brown eyes in longing, and flowers waft wonderous smells in our direction. It is by far a season of romance, but regardless of your relationship status this day is about YOU and who you love! That then spurrs the age old question which remains....


So here are some tips ladies... from my to yours

I am one who lives by my own rules, particularly when it comes to fashion. This of course is something that I hope you all can take from me if nothing else- Wear what makes you feel happy and beautiful! I encourage you to break out of the box this Valentines Day. It's all about the accessories. There is no rule that says that you are required to be decked out in red from head to toe.
This is what I call....

Hints of Val

These are just a few accessories, that although you may not have previously realized it, are a perfect way to bring a touch of Vday to this 14th! 
Some items I've selected: 
1.Bowler Hat- in a cool red, this one can be found HERE. A hat can bring a subtle cool to any outfit, I love the brightness of the red in this one which is not common for bowler hats. 
2. Very trendy Bowtie engraved with the ever present topic at hand "LOVE" this particular little number can be found HERE. Bows and Bowties are one of my obessions. Whether its a huge bow a top my head, on a dress, or a classy bowtie on my neck they can bring a very distinct feminine quality to any outfit. I particularly enjoy the mix of menswear with the bowties, ladies this season give one a try you may be surprised at how feminine and bold you feel! 
As you can see we also have these gorgeous, and by gorgeous I mean I wish I could afford them 
3. Christian Louboutin lace up oxfords
Now don't be discouraged these are merely an example but trendy flats are an excellent way to bring a quick punch of Val to your wardrobe! What I love about these is that they have an eye catching patter and a bright red. Check F21and Charlotte Russe for inexpensive alternatives.
Next is possibly my favorite item
4. Red Leather Fingerless Gloves- coming in at just $3 you can buy these hotties HERE! Some of you, like myself, don't live in a climate that is suitable for gloves, no matter! They are an accessory, and being that they are both leather AND fingerless, they would make a unique statement to a night out on Vday. One thing is for sure, no one else will be rocking leather like you!
5. Red Leather Messenger Bag- This beautiful sleek bag is a comfortable carry all. I personally ADORE messenger bags for their versatility and ease, this particular one reminds me very much of the Proenza Schouler bags but at less than $100 its cost effective compared to PS's $1,000+! 
Check it out HERE

Don't be afraid to try something new ladies! Whether its giving a new hat a try, picking up some flats with a bold pattern and color, wearing a bowtie with a collared blouse (very feminine I pinky promise), or giving those tempting gloves a whirl even if its not that cold out! I urge you to take a second look at the details that can make Vday statements in a very trendy and classy way! Remember, we all are beautiful in our own way, we all love in very unique ways, and it is our right to show ourselves off in ways that will be true to us. From the inside out- Style is an accessory shaped always by Personality!


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