Friday, February 10, 2012

Red Bottoms Challenge!

So here is the 411 on Red Bottoms Ladies! And no I am not referring to Christian Louboutins = )

I am talking about the Red Pant! Yes, that is right, RED PANTS!!!!
Whether it is Skinnies, Chinos, or Slacks, the red pant is taking closets everywhere by storm! Of course Valentines Day would be no better place to take up the red bottom challenge. It may seem as though the color red may be extrememly limiting, but in actuality, with little effort and creative you can take this item and make it all your own- STYLE!

Like Magic!

How about it? Are you ladies up for the RED BOTTOMS CHALLENGE?!?

Love the combination of the white blazer and sheer blouse underneath! Both are trending this 2012, and fear not a nice camisole under any sheer top is a great way to stay fashionable without compromising modesty!

This particular outfit comes together in the details, the forrest green satchel bag, the delicate silk scarf, and the rugged wide brimmed hat!

Who doesn't STUDS!? On both the bag and the loafers it is a very rock-chic bold move! We love the motorcross cut leather jacket, and a touch of polka dots too!? Ahhhh Yes, Yes, Yes!

Denim and Stripes?! A match made in heaven! We lovee the bold statement of the stripes, the demin button up gives a very casual feel to the outfit. Glasses, whether prescription or not (especially coupled with a chinese bun) give a sexy smart look! Let's not forget the splash of neon yellow in her clutch! 

The Classic Chino comes to life in this coral red! Color blocked with this pink top she pulls off a very preppy and comfortable twist to the red bottoms! Don't be afraid to pair to seemingly mixmatch colors like red and pink!

If red is not your color, like it is really not mines, here is an alternative- How about a shade darker!? A burgandy/deep red is the perfect option for a woman much like myself who are not as fond of the color. I also particularly enjoy these studded toe ankle booties! They are not only a comfortable low heel but they are very regal! Pair them with colored tights and a dress?!! The wonders of foot candy!

So now... I urge you to take the RED BOTTOM CHALLENGE! Send us pictures of how you made them your own at! We would loveeeee to see and post some of our favs!!!

Pics will be posted February 28th!


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