Monday, June 18, 2012

Life Savers!

Life saver 
Whenever you think about summer time you think of the beach, pool, sun, tanning, BBQ, ect. But think about this, when those images pop into your head do you ever think about what your hair will look like? How realistic is it to think that I can look like the girls on  “Baywatch” that although they were in the sun AND got in an out of the water their hair was perfect? I love the summertime! Maybe cause I grew up on my beautiful island where it is summertime all year around.  That is also why throughout the years I have found remedies to help maintain my hair during this time of year or somewhere where it is always hot. This blog will not show you how to swim, but it will show you how to save your hair from a summertime crisis and  how to enjoy this season to the max!

Life Savers:
Save your hair color from the sun!
In the same manor that you would protect your skin from the sun, you should do the same with your hair. These leave in conditioners contain SPF. It will not only protect your hair from the sun but your scalp from getting sun burned. There are many lines that make products with SPF, but these are my favorites!

Rusk Smoother Leave in Conditioner 

Redken Color Extend Sun Screen 

After party 
After a long day in the sun your skin will feel it and believe me, your hair will too. A nice cold aloe vera gel can help alleviate the sting of a sun burn and these hydrating treatments will alleviate the drying affect of the sun in your hair. All it takes is two washes with your shampoo (to remove chlorine from the pool or salt from the beach) and an application of the conditioner for 25-30 min. Rinse, dry, and tadaaa!
Here are a few of my favorites!

 Tigi Bed Head Treat me Right 
 Its a 10 Miracle Mask 

Serious Conditioner By Tigi S factor collection

I love showing you tips and tricks on how to have great hair during the summer, but I also want to show you what you should NOT do. We have all, in one way or another, have fallen under one or more of these...
Myth 1:  Sun+Hair+Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide is a very strong chemical for the hair. Many people use it to lighten the hair and in reality what they are doing is severely burning their hair. The majority of the time, the hair will end up extremely dry and orange. DONT DO IT!
Myth 2: Baby oil/ Camomile Oil
Camomile oil is usually used as a calmant for massages and teas and baby oil is exactly oil. When you have dry hair, it isn't because it needs oil, it is because it needs water. That is why it is important to re-hydrate it with a hydrating treatment that will return moisture back the hair.  Imagine making fried chicken and frying it in oil. That is exactly what we do when we apply oil-based products in our hair!





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